The ADA Project

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) is a comprehensive civil rights law enacted in 1990 and amended by the ADA Amendments Act (“ADAAA”) in 2008. It prohibits discrimination based on disability in a broad range of areas, including employment, places of public accommodation, and government services.

The ADA Project is designed to provide information about important aspects of the ADA that may be helpful to people with disabilities, advocates, lawyers, and courts.  It contains materials to facilitate successful claims of disability discrimination, analysis of the definition of disability, and information to stay up to date on emerging areas of the law. Finally, it serves as a public repository for legislative history materials related to the ADA and ADAAA.

This website is divided into the following main sections:

Oral Histories

To contextualize the materials posted on this portal, The ADA Project has engaged in a series of activities to document the process used to create the ADA and ADAAA as well as reflections on their impact.  Our first interview was with former U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner Chai Feldblum, where we spoke with her about her experiences negotiating and later enforcing the ADA as well as her hopes for the future of this area of the law.  Click here to read this oral history. 

Read about our conversation with Chai Feldblum — The Past, Present and Future of the ADA”. 

Next, we spoke with one of the Project’s collaborators, Kevin Barry, who was among the team of lawyers that successfully negotiated draft legislative language that culminated in the passage of the ADAAA.

Read about our conversation with Kevin Barry — Expanding Access to Rights Under the ADA: The History and Impact of the ADAAA.

Additional materials will be posted in late 2019.

About The ADA Project

The ADA Project is a collaboration between the Quinnipiac University School of Law Civil Justice Clinic, co-directed by Professor Kevin Barry, and the Legislation Clinic of the David A. Clarke School of Law at the University of the District of Columbia, directed by Professor Marcy Karin. Professors Laurie Morin, Monica Bhattacharya, and Christopher Hill also supervised UDC Law student work on this project and contributed original content.

Learn about our clinics, student lawyer contributors, schools, and read our acknowledgments.

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